A powerful computer is not required here.  All you need is Adobe Reader, a free, easy-to-use software. It comes mostly installed with your computer but please remember to update it to latest available version. You can do that here.

Our editable PDFs are only compatible with Adobe Reader’s desktop version and won’t work on an iPad, iPhone or any smart phone.

MAC uses by default the Mac PDF software called Preview. You just need to open the file in Adobe Reader instead. To do this, launch Adobe Reader first and open the PDF file directly from Adobe Reader itself. Or, right click on the file name, select “Open With” and select “Adobe Reader.”

Yes,  you can print our files at home on a color inkjet or laserjet printer. Alternatively, you could print the files at a local paint shop such as FedEx, Kinko’s or Staples.

YES!! After they’re done printing, all you need is a craft knife and ruler. Simply cut along the cutting lines and enjoy your printables .

Our printables allow you to edit and personalize text in highlighted areas, such as names, dates, times, RSVP message and addresses!

Our printables allow you to modify the fonts, font color and font size. Simply mark the text and press Control+E (for PC) or Apple+E(for Mac) to edit the properties using the toolbar provided.

No, font positioning cannot be edited. For any custom revisions please contact us and for a custom quote we will happily assist.

Once you open the PDF in Adobe Reader, go to Edit > Preferences > Forms. You’ll see there “Highlight Color.” Check the “Show border hover color for fields” box. This will highlight all the areas that you can type in. Uncheck the box to remove the visibility of the highlighted areas.

Our printables come with enabled “Rich Text” option. This means you can adjust the font size in order to fit your wording.  To do so, press Control+E (PC) or Apple+E(Mac). Shouldn’t this help please contact us and we will happily assist.

Due to our limited time and current workload, we do not take on custom design requests. However, please email us your request and we’ll let you know if we’re available to help you.

Yes. Go to File > Save. Save the file to your desktop with a different name. This will avoid any mistakes with download file.

No. Adobe Reader does not allow you to change or edit any of the graphic element or edit the graphics. Printables cannot be opened in any other graphics design program (like Photoshop or Illustrator, for example) as this would remove the editable text feature.

No. All fonts are embedded within the file. You simply open the file in Adobe Reader and type over our sample text.

Some of our invitations are designed to include photos. The invitation comes with dedicated place where you can insert the photo. This information is highlighted in the listing description and visible also on the invitation itself.